It would be an honour and a privilege for me to serve as the Celebrant for your loved one.

I will always………

Act in a caring, sympathetic and professional manner throughout the planning, arrangement and carrying out of the funeral service.

Support you, your family and friends at all times in celebrating the life of your loved one.

Respond in a timely manner to any requests from you and liaise efficiently with your funeral director.

Meet with you to prepare a eulogy written from the heart which fully describes what made your loved one special and important to you. Such meetings can be face to face at a time /location to suit you or can be taken via telephone calls or media such as Zoom or Skype.

Follow your wishes in respect of the form that the funeral will take and provide advice and assistance in the selection of suitable songs, music, poetry, verses and religious content if required.

Assist you and your family in the preparation and performance of any speeches that you wish to make as part of the eulogy. Provide a copy of the eulogy and the order of service to you before liaising with the Funeral Director.

Be present in good time at the funeral location to meet and greet you and your guests and also be present immediately following the service to assist as required.

Contact you following the funeral and offer help and support as required.